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Hunt For The Tails Doll/Need New Character!

2009-07-26 17:32:45 by MRGamer01

Ok real quick and simple. We need a new character to be the partner for Knuckles. Sonic has Tails, Mario has Luigi but Knuckles has nobody. Electropenguin7 and I would request at least a Sonic style character for Knuckles or a Mario Style. Sprites will also be needed if used.


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2009-07-26 18:55:33

thou I can make them if need be


2009-07-26 19:09:18

How about blaze? or Tikal?

MRGamer01 responds:

I'll run that by Electropenguin7


2009-07-26 19:10:12

maybe you can put shade from sonic dark brotherhood?

MRGamer01 responds:

I'll run that by electropenguin7