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Out of ideas/Writers Block

2009-07-14 15:10:22 by MRGamer01

Sigh, I fell out of my creative flow for writing so now my story at DA/FA sits quiet with nothing new to add them...I need to get it rolling along but not quite sure how to do this. I do get help from people on MSN here and there and that helps tremendously but not now it isn't helping. I know writing is supposed to be hard but this hard? (Ok I actually know what to expect, just wanted to be all dramtaic for a moment). I don't want to make it seem to much like the Legend Of Zelda Series but thats almost unavoidable at points. Ideas are appreciated.


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2009-07-16 02:35:16

I actually have an idea for a flash series (yes, I am a writer) and could use an animator to make it all work.

Don't wanna say too much, just two words: serial killer.

PM me if you are ineterested, I have the pilot and a few next episodes done in my head. I think it's rather original for a milked-out theme like serial killers.

MRGamer01 responds:

Ah, the bad thing is I can't animate or even draw to save my life.


2009-07-21 19:26:01

Well you are a writer and an animator out of ideas. I have few ideas for a flash and I´m trying to make a comedy animation but making it alone is so difficult, the character that I am making is relative easy to draw.
Also PM if you are interest about the idea. I have all in my mind without making it a good animation

MRGamer01 responds:

I wish I could animate but so far the only thing I could do in flash was make terrible animated icons out of sprites.