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Working on first Flash for NG~Want ideas

2009-11-27 20:40:19 by MRGamer01

I'm looking into and researching a few tutorials and so far I have been able to do a few things. I wan to know what I should do now, like make some sort of Sim? Make something relating to something original I'm working on? Any ideas would help.

Mature 18+ only Please, I would love some serious feedback on it please. Leave comments there or here.

Looking for volunteer Voices

2009-08-17 15:13:17 by MRGamer01 there is a box there called "voice project". Check it out if interested, drop me a line with a sample voice clip (please, no samples over 30 seconds). I still need voices for the males of the project so that would be greatly appreciated. I appreciate it if you offer me the use of your voice.

Asking for a commision/maybe

2009-08-07 20:19:11 by MRGamer01

Well, I have about $40 to my name at the moment (Talking to a guy, very possible job lined up) and thinking of maybe commisioning someone for a picture. I want to hear what you would be willing to do as in term of anthro, nude, background, multiple characters, poses, fetish, and so forth. Its a maybe right this moment if I will or will not actually commision someone, currently awaiting a commision I already put out at DeviantArt. If I like what I get from there its a very possible no, but want to keep this place open after seeing a few good people. Let me know what you'll do and how far you'd go with the dollar set amount mentioned.

Ok real quick and simple. We need a new character to be the partner for Knuckles. Sonic has Tails, Mario has Luigi but Knuckles has nobody. Electropenguin7 and I would request at least a Sonic style character for Knuckles or a Mario Style. Sprites will also be needed if used.

Spam on Newgrounds

2009-07-26 09:39:26 by MRGamer01

Ok whats the deal? This account is new and it was just spammed with a message asking me to go to a website for finding singles or whatever. Why the hell would they do this on a site such as Newgrounds? Are people tired of Spamming email or what? Maybe if someone who is caught with that hostinglist or hotlist or whatever its called should have their IP address blocked.

Out of ideas/Writers Block

2009-07-14 15:10:22 by MRGamer01

Sigh, I fell out of my creative flow for writing so now my story at DA/FA sits quiet with nothing new to add them...I need to get it rolling along but not quite sure how to do this. I do get help from people on MSN here and there and that helps tremendously but not now it isn't helping. I know writing is supposed to be hard but this hard? (Ok I actually know what to expect, just wanted to be all dramtaic for a moment). I don't want to make it seem to much like the Legend Of Zelda Series but thats almost unavoidable at points. Ideas are appreciated.

Writing finally put to use

2009-07-09 17:30:25 by MRGamer01

I was approved for the job as writer for the flash Hunt For The Tails doll after epside two. This is really cool for me since I get to see my work put out in display instead of my work just sitting there. ElectroPenguin is the animator behind this and is working really hard. Check it out!